BestPrice guarantee


For the same product and scope of services, LOSTnFOUND guarantees the best price!

General Terms and Conditions: The offer must be available in writing prior to concluding the agreement and must be comparable technically and qualitatively. The best price guarantee is limited to service providers having their own branch in Germany. Typographical errors, individual items as well as dubious offers by competitors are excluded. LOSTnFOUND is convinced that it is able to make the best offer for comparable quality and scope of services.

The following checklist is meant to assist you in comparing the offer provided by LOSTnFOUND with that of the competitors:

Hardware offer

What is the scope of functionality provided by the terminal device of the competitor?
Please mark what is applicable:

Active monitoring of the devices and intimation if any device cannot be reached (Active Device Management)?
Alarm generation in case of manipulation (Antenna / Power supply)?
Supporting battery backup in case of power failure?
Feature of saving GPS positions if no network signal is available?
Assisted GPS module for exact positioning? Manufacturer?
2 year's warranty?
Device replacement within 48 hours in case of a defect?
Device update free of charge in case of technical improvements or enhancements (Over-the-air)?

Service offer

What is the quality of the scope of services provided by the competitor?
Please mark what is applicable:

Is the support hotline provided free of charge?
Are there (multiple) support employees available who can provide support in your national language?
Which telecommunication partner is the competitor cooperating with or working jointly with?
Are there multiple network providers available per country in order to ensure transmission (Multi-network set)?
Does the service provided include roaming facility in the base offer?
Are connection charges or other activation costs billed?
Are alarm notifications via SMS included in the base offer? If yes, how many?
Are APPs for smartphones and tablets available free of charge? If yes, for which Operating System?
Can multiple users be administered independently and can they be activated / deactivated easily?
Are multiple detailed reports in Excel or PDF format available that provide information regarding the fleet utilisation?
Can these reports be adapted on request?
Is the platform undergoing advanced development? If yes, how many releases have been issued in the last twelve months?
Is the data being saved in a professional computer centre / computer centres that have at least two independent server ring networks?
Is operation ensured in the computer centre / computer centres even in the event of power failure or fire? If yes, for how long?
Is a cost-effective installation service facility available that is deployed even on weekends and in the evenings?


Please mark what is applicable:

Does the service provider have the required legitimacy as a telecom provider with the German Federal Network Agency?
Is it a stable company that operates the development of the platform?
How many employees are working in the telematics division?
Can the company name references in your region?
Does the company develop the terminal devices on its own or are these purchased (dependence on a third-party company)?
Does the company develop the platform on its own or is this purchased (dependence on a third-party company)?
Has the company been recommended to you or has it been awarded any prizes in the last 12 months? Please specify:

Your information

Would you like to make a comparison between the offer made by LOSTnFOUND and that of the competitor? Please send us the appropriate information for this purpose:

Do you have an offer available submitted by LOSTnFOUND?
If the offer number is known, please enter it here:
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Contact information

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