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  • «The LENTICUS product range offers diverse scope of applications at an excellent price-performance ratio!»

  • «The Plug&Play installation makes the CUMBUS the ideal terminal device for an efficient logbook solution.»

  • «The magnetic mounting system that is child's play to work with and the long battery life make the STRATUS a must have for tracking mobile goods.»

  • «With the combination of OPACUS and the copyright-protected SmartModeTracking© facility, the management of trailers has become a matter of fun!»

  • «Does your cycle-borne courier service require an extra dose of push? In that case, CALVUS is the right answer!»

  • «Thanks NIMBO a hitherto unprecedented efficiency achieved in the supply chain and warehouse management!»

  • «Thanks to LOSTnFOUND® MISSION, our administrative expenses have fallen, our employees are better informed and throughput times have been massively reduced.»

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+41 (0)44 500 40 95