LOSTnFOUND: A World First in Mobile Asset Tracking

A new cost-effective solution for global tracking of mobile assets brings unprecedented efficiency and security in the supply chain.

Adliswil/Switzerland, April 29, 2014. The Swiss-based telematics specialist LOSTnFOUND has launched a new goods tracking system called NIMBO, designed to help companies offer better customer service and bring more transparency to efficiency in the supply chain. LOSTnFOUND® NIMBO tracks assets worldwide via the mobile telecommunications network and stands out due to its extremely low purchase price and operating costs. The tracking module is small, light and consumes very little power.

Today, many companies consider transparency and efficiency more important than ever in order to survive increasingly fierce competition. The monitoring of transport routes thus helps to provide better customer service. The tracking of goods enables the flow of goods to be analysed and optimised. Shippers, in particular, are faced with a massive increase in theft and other criminal acts during transportation. The ability to have access to precise information in the event of damage or loss in transit will ensure your investment quickly pays for itself. There is now an affordable solution to meet all these requirements: LOSTnFOUND® NIMBO enables goods to be tracked seamlessly throughout the supply chain. Localisation can be achieved both in closed interiors as well as outdoors thanks to NIMBO’s unique positioning infrastructure based on the mobile telecommunications network. It has a positioning accuracy of 200 m to 2 km. The tracker itself is only 10 x 5 x 1 cm in size and weighs 50 grams, significantly smaller and lighter than a smartphone, and will easily fit inside a container, or cargo, or can simply be placed together with delivery documents. The integrated battery uses very little energy and can last for several months. This reduces maintenance costs to a minimum. Furthermore, the battery can be recharged with a standard mini-USB cable.

The LOSTnFOUND SIM card is activated in over 140 countries enabling tracking in more than 97 per cent of all countries across the globe, without additional roaming charges. The tracking device costs € 25, offering excellent value for money. There is also a monthly fee of € 10 for communications, SIM card and localisation.

About LOSTnFOUND: The company, LOSTnFOUND AG, LOSTnFOUND (Deutschland) GmbH, LOSTnFOUND (France) SAS and LOSTnFOUND (Polska) LLC is specialized in intelligent solutions for safeguarding, monitoring and retrieval of property – from the security and identification of mobile devices right up to on-line tracking of vehicles and technical equipment. LOSTnFOUND has developed the first solution in this segment in 2007 and is the leading providers in this market today. The company, with support centers in Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Italy and Switzerland has concluded master agreements with more than 75 network providers and provides all solutions with its own SIM card. The solutions are already working today in more than 145 countries.

Press contact:
Lucia Flury
Phone: +41 (0) 44 500 40 95